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Update from 5/25 7pm Meeting

The Nogal Canyon road GO status came in while I was driving to the meeting.  Our OES indicated at the meeting this was the last GO (evacuate) status they expect to send out in the near term.

It seems the winds are expected to moderate tonight, and stay moderate tomorrow.  They expect to launch full air support all day tomorrow, and their expectation is to secure a "foothold" and then begin the process of containing the fire.  Despite all the wind, and the evacuations, the estimate is the fire only grew by a couple hundred acres - now estimated at 3800 acres.

In response to a direct question, they indicated they have no reports of structures lost thus far.  They do have about 10 hot shot crews (comprising close to 200 fire fighters), either here or on their way here.  There also has been a large influx of equipment.  OES has been working with at least one water district to secure access to a high capacity hydrant.  Our Road Superintendent, Jeff Honeycutt, tells me his crews have been working traffic control but have their heavy equipment loaded onto trailers and ready to deploy if called upon.

While it does seem a corner may have been turned today, any optimism must of course be tempered by the reality of the actual wind we receive tomorrow.  I do hope the weatherman has it right ... and tomorrow we'll know.  Please remain vigilant and check your code red app and the two links below my signature line regularly.  I will continue to update official reports as I receive them.


Pierre Pfeffer 

Lincoln County Commissioner, District 4

619-992-4534 (cell)

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