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Violations Notices


A violation letter will be sent to any member of the RRVE Homeowners Association who is in violation of the Bylaws.

If you do not have a copy of the current CC&Rs (Pink Book) you can view the whole booklet at You can also call 575-336-2125 or email to request a copy.

A list of violations can be found on pages 17-18. If your property is determined to be in violation, you will be given a grace period to comply to the Board’s request. If compliance is a hardship for you, you will need to call or email the Board. If you choose NOT to comply the Board will apply penalties.

Please remember, we all signed the same document when we purchased our homes here in the valley acknowledging there were rules.

It is important to understand, the Board must enforce the Bylaws for the benefit of every homeowner in our valley. One “non compliant” homeowner can affect everyone, our property values and our safety from fire.

Please cut tall weeds and grasses. Clean up around your house. Less fuel, less fire.

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