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Yesterday’s update May 27, 2024

Sorry for the late post on this.  Not too much beyond the morning update published by USFS earlier this morning.  A couple of things of note:

(1)  I requested an update on when threat levels may be reduced.  The response was encouraging with, a target of "a few days."  

(2) They confirmed that the fire had grown from the previous day of ~6200 ac res to ~6800 acres, but did not seem at all alarmed at that figure.

(4)  The confirmed they have what they refer to a structure analysis teams working from Villa Madonna around to Sun Valley with the specific purpose of preparing a "structure defense" plan should the fire begin to move again.

(5)  They anticipate producing a "fire progression  / regression" map which they will update regularly. No fixed date for the release of that.

(6) They have been cutting secondary defensive perimeters using dozers and hand tools - these are fall back position should the fire pick up and break trough existing perimeter lines;

(7) Still no air quality figures being published;

(8)  Despite the more optimistic tone, the scale of this effort and the tactics being employed suggest to me this will be a fairly long process in order to "contain" the fire.

(9)  there is another briefing tomorrow and I will be there and report out any new developments.  I do think USFS will publish a formal update either later tonight or tomorrow before the meeting.  I'll circulate that as soon as I have it.  There has been no written updates published since the one I circulated prior to today's 11 AM meeting.

(10)  the Blue Fire incident FB page (link below my signature) has a weather projection, a video of the dozer and hand work being done around Villa Madonna, and a travel advisory regarding  37 / 380 travel restrictions.


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